Due to the confidential nature of the coaching profession, the full names of clients are not disclosed.  Thank you for your understanding.

“I want to thank you, JoAnne, for your faithful support, encouragement, and hard work on my behalf.  I appreciate your efforts more than I can possible articulate.”

Sarah W.

Post-Divorce Coaching

“The time I spent with JoAnne was wonderful.  She is knowledgeable, empathetic, and very supportive.  I highly recommend JoAnne to anyone who wants to move their life forward with a coach who gets to the heart of the matter and empowers you to create the future you always wanted but didn’t know how to do on your own.”

Mary D.

Personal Change Coaching

“I met with JoAnne to better handle a difficult relationship.  Her guidance enabled me to use  more effective communication techniques and to gain a better understanding of the other person.  During the coaching process, I was able to clarify what I really wanted, set realistic and appropriate goals, and meet those goals effectively.  It was time very well-spent that gave me, not only peace-of-mind, but also relationship and communication skills that I can use throughout my life.”

Carolyn W.

Relationship Coaching

“JoAnne is the best.  The time, knowledge and sincere interest she gave to my coaching sessions was so valuable.  I was able to move on with my life after years of indecision and lack of focus.”

Jennifer T.

Personal Change Coaching

“JoAnne helped me navigate a very difficult transition in my life.  My husband became ill and had to be moved to a care facility.  I suddenly was facing life as a single person rather than as one-half of a married couple.  This was a major shift after 42 years of marriage.  I felt alone and scared.  JoAnne’s kindness, support, expertise, and sincere interest in my life made all the difference for me.  I am now creating a new life that is bringing me a sense of peace and satisfaction.”

Vicky J.

Custom Coaching

“JoAnne has an incredibly strong coaching presence; her client’s feel safe and sound as they work toward their goals. The consummate professional, JoAnne is present for her client’s with clear, insightful questions, guiding them through the process of self discovery in an encouraging and nurturing manner.”

Susan Ackerman, MHRM, CDC

“JoAnne is a highly-motivated professional who always operates at the level of excellence. An outstanding communicator, she is at home with people and sincerely interested in their lives and helping them achieve their goals.  As befits any dedicated coach, JoAnne is an excellent listener who knows what the right questions are and when to ask them. I highly recommend JoAnne as a person of high character, integrity and professional standards.”

Sheldon E. Friedman, Attorney at Law

“JoAnne Donner has all the traits I would require in an effective coach.  JoAnne has impeccable integrity and excellent communication skills. She approaches situations with good judgment, fairness and confidence. You can be assured that JoAnne is a dedicated, trustworthy person who will always strive for excellence on your behalf.”

Tricia Molloy, Speaker and Author

“JoAnne is an excellent communicator who is able to get to the heart of the matter in all situations. She has character, high integrity, and a calm, reassuring demeanor that people relate to and trust. I highly recommend her to those who are want a successful coaching experience that results in clarity, self-discovery, and goals achieved.”

Buddy McDowell, Owner/Design Directions International

“I would not hesitate to recommend JoAnne as a personal transition coach.  She is a well-respected professional who excels at whatever endeavor she pursues.  Her skills, along with her life experience, makes her the perfect choice for anyone seeking out a coach who is dedicated to a client’s well-being and success.”

Claude Mason, Attorney at Law

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This “Get-to-Know-You” conversation is a chance to briefly discuss your unique situation and see how coaching can impact your life.  In this initial consultation, I look forward to hearing about what prompted you to look into coaching and what you hope to achieve in your coaching sessions.  I welcome the opportunity to share the benefits of coaching with you and to discuss how the coaching process can lead to positive change in your life.