Retirement Coaching Program

A Time to Blossom

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

— C.S. Lewis, Author

If you are approaching or in the midst of retirement, you are facing a significant crossroads in your life.   You may feel at loose ends, “floating” with no familiar anchor grounding you to the life you’ve known.  You may feel disconnected, missing the companionship of colleagues, co-workers or clients.   As daily routines and job responsibilities disappear, you may question your sense of self-worth, feel irrelevant, or even invisible.   You may unexpectedly miss reaching quotas and deadlines, attending early morning meetings and being part of the action of the working world.

You may find yourself asking: “Where do I fit in?” “How will I fill my time?”  “How will I deal with upcoming issues about health, finances, personal responsibilities?”  These core questions speak to life purpose, identity, and your legacy, which celebrates the life you’ve created.

Take on this fundamental life transition and see it as an invitation for self-reflection and renewal.  This three-month retirement coaching program is an opportunity for you to embrace your inner self and enjoy this chapter of your life with a sense of adventure.

How It Works

Accompanied by coaching support and guidance, this program offers tools, techniques and coaching exercises that will empower you to:

+  Reignite your passions and inspire a new-found sense of life purpose

+  Get in touch with your core values to clarify and redefine your sense of identity

+  Rev up your motivation and re-charge your energy level 

+  Celebrate your strengths, talents and skills and know they will lead you to a new-found sense of self-achievement and satisfaction

+ Envision the life you want to live and ask yourself, “How do I want to feel three months from now?  In six months?”

+  Build a legacy that will validate your life and be a source of pride.

Three-month program

Weekly 50-minute sessions/12 sessions total

Fee discussed during initial complimentary consultation

Schedule Your Free Consultation

This “Get-to-Know-You” conversation is a chance to briefly discuss your unique situation and see how coaching can impact your life.  In this initial consultation, I look forward to hearing about what prompted you to look into coaching and what you hope to achieve in your coaching sessions.  I welcome the opportunity to share the benefits of coaching with you and to discuss how the coaching process can lead to positive change in your life.