Relocation Coaching Program


“Home is where we should feel secure and comfortable.”

— Catherine Pulsifer, Author

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the unknown?  Are you feeling unsettled and experiencing a lack of connection to your new surroundings?  This three-month program can inspire you to conquer these common uncertainties associated with relocation.   You will be empowered to nurture your inner well-being while creating connections in your new community that support and sustain you.

Newfound insight and awareness can uncover the hesitations and barriers that may currently be limiting you and set you on a path where you can move forward and feel at home in your new home.

Design a positive way forward to transform your move into a source of satisfaction that supports your vision of the way you want to live your life.

How It Works

Accompanied by coaching support and guidance, this program offers tools, techniques and coaching exercises that can empower you to:

+  Take stock of how you feel about your relocation.   Evaluate realities and consider roadblocks that

    may be hindering you from moving forward. 

+  Discover strategies that can enable you to break through these self-limiting barriers.

+  Envision a future where your new home and community provide you with the comfort, security,

    and fulfillment you desire and deserve. 

+  Ask yourself, “How would I like to feel in three months?  In six months?”  Discover the power of the  

    “Personal Vision Statement.”

+  Identify your strengths, talents, and positive personal traits.  Reflect on how they have supported you

    in the past and how they will help you now as you move forward in your new environment.

+  Consider building bridges between your old life and your new life.  Create strategies to maintain

    valued “old” relationships while seeking out and nurturing new ones.

+  Create the energy and focus to explore your new city or town.  Discover fun spots as well as

    resources, services and organizations that you can contribute to or that can contribute to you.

+  Get on track to design a life in your new community where you are comfortable, confident, and


Three-month program

Weekly 50-minute sessions/12 sessions total

Fee discussed during initial complimentary consultation

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This “Get-to-Know-You” conversation is a chance to briefly discuss your unique situation and see how coaching can impact your life.  In this initial consultation, I look forward to hearing about what prompted you to look into coaching and what you hope to achieve in your coaching sessions.  I welcome the opportunity to share the benefits of coaching with you and to discuss how the coaching process can lead to positive change in your life.