Customize a Coaching Program That Works for You

Everyone is unique, and you may have a particular issue you want to explore.  A La Carte coaching is a service that enables you to address a subject of your choice.  Each weekly session is 50-minutes long.

While a three-month-long program is recommended to maximize results, the duration of this Custom Coaching Program is flexible.

Fees for the Custom Coaching Program are discussed at the time of your initial complementary consultation.  Graduates of Donner Coaching themed programs receive a 10% reduction in Custom Coaching fees.

Is custom coaching right for you?

Consider the following points:

1.  I have been struggling with a particular issue for months…or even years.
2.  I am ready to move forward on this issue and create positive change in my life.
3.  I want the support and expertise of a trained coach who will guide me on this journey.
4.  I want to break through muddled, dead-end thinking on this issue and move to a place of clarity and purpose.
5.  I want to let go of unproductive, self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that are holding me back from resolving this issue.
6.  I want to get “unstuck” on this issue and create momentum, motivation, and focus.
7.  I am ready to attain my goals and gain a deeper sense of self and personal alignment.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

This “Get-to-Know-You” conversation is a chance to briefly discuss your unique situation and see how coaching can impact your life.  In this initial consultation, I look forward to hearing about what prompted you to look into coaching and what you hope to achieve in your coaching sessions.  I welcome the opportunity to share the benefits of coaching with you and to discuss how the coaching process can lead to positive change in your life.