Nature of Coaching​

The essence of coaching is self-discovery and change.   The insights and clarity you gain during the coaching process can propel you to lead the kind of life that you have wished for – one that fills you with joy, happiness and satisfaction.  Coaching is an inner journey that is enhanced by the support and guidance of a professional coach who is trained to help you uncover and affirm the truths about your strengths, values, and wishes for the future.  It is also designed to uncover and overcome the barriers that may be blocking your efforts to attain desired goals.

Coaching is not therapy in that it does not look to the past.  Rather, it is a future-focused process that empowers you to gain personal insights and create strategies that result in the solutions you have been seeking.  Coaches are not advisors or consultants; they are guides in your quest for resolution, purpose and fulfillment.

What Transition Coaching Offers You

Transition happens to all of us.  Whether you are moving, having a baby, redesigning your life after divorce, figuring out what to do in your retirement years, or ending or beginning a relationship, change is a constant in human life.   Typically, change is accompanied by challenge, uncertainty, fear, anxiety and all the other emotions and charged thinking that come with the unknown.  Life transitions are the ideal time to collaborate with a trained coach who can empower you to clear the path to positivity and purpose. 

It’s true that sometimes change is a welcome development after years or months of planning and implementation.   At other times, it may be welcome, but not quite a reality – a hope that seems just around the corner but out of arm’s reach.  And, many times, change is unwanted and unexpected – a bolt from the blue that knocks us off our footing and slashes our pre-conceived ideas of how we were about to live our life.  It manifests in the churning agitation in your stomach, the tightening in your windpipe, or the heaviness weighing down your shoulder blades.  It’s a tough, unsettling time that makes you question yourself and your future.

Whatever phase of transition you are facing, it is not a journey you have to navigate alone.  As a transition coach, I can assist you in discovering the solid insights, strategies and support resources that can mean the difference between uncertainty and self-doubt and moving forward into a better future where you blossom with previously undetected potential and purpose.

Through tried and tested coaching exercises, meaningful conversation, and powerful questioning techniques, I am equipped to guide you through the process of building a better tomorrow where you are comfortable and at home with the life you have created.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

This “Get-to-Know-You” conversation is a chance to briefly discuss your unique situation and see how coaching can impact your life.  In this initial consultation, I look forward to hearing about what prompted you to look into coaching and what you hope to achieve in your coaching sessions.  I welcome the opportunity to share the benefits of coaching with you and to discuss how the coaching process can lead to positive change in your life.